Highlights för solida hårdmetallverktyg

Vi erbjuder dig hårdmetallverktyg för en mängd olika applikationer.



solid carbide mirror surface finish

Solid carbide cutter for finishing planar surfaces. Produces very even and non-stepped surfaces. This cutter is characterized by high radial and axial run-out, which allows to produce very precise and even surfaces. In addition, the deflection of the tool is prevented by short overhangs.


TSC® torus cutter for surface finishing applications at hard machining. Solid carbide torus cutter which complements our portfolio for plan finishing with small diameters. For finishing planar surfaces at hard processing, with high plan running precision less than 3 μm. Smooth and heel free surfaces even at high feeds.


  • regrindable VHM tool
  • great stability due to short overhangs
  • short processing times due to high feed rates
  • high precision surfaces with low roughness and small stepover