Highlights för solida hårdmetallverktyg

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CBN ball noise tool with 2 flute, under neck, radius accuracy of ± 5 micron. Engineered for super surface finish in high hardened material up to HRC 65. Especially developed for high accuracy on the part because of low wear. Requires a very precise pre- finish with a constant over material.


Cubic boron nitride (CBN) is one of the hardest cutting materials available. Compared to diamond, CBN has no affinity for carbon which is a part of the composition of steel. In addition, CBN has a relatively high compressive and flexural strength and is resistant to oxidation up to around 1000 ° C (solid carbide ~ 700 ° C). These properties make CBN particularly suitable for machining steels with hardnesses from 54 to 68HRC, high-temperature alloys based on cobalt or nickel, gray and chilled cast iron or carbide materials.


  • High cutting speeds compared to carbide (factor 1.3 - 2.0)
  • Less wear than conventional cutting materials.
  • Machining of hardened steel and cast iron possible
  • Other dimensions and designs available at short notice on request