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conical barrel cutter

Conical barrel cutter for efficient finishing of simple contours.


The multipass milling with ball nose or toric end mills is a common machining strategy for finishing contours in five-axis machining. In order to achieve high surface qualities, the use of conventional tools requires small stepo- vers. The [cbc] are so-called barrel cutters. A large radius (barrel radius) is overlaid on the conical geometry of these tools, enabling larger stepovers and reduced machining times without the loss of quality. The [cbc] is therefore ideally suited for efficient five-axis finishing of simple 3D and 2D contours where the use of an end mill is not possible.


  • Significant time savings compared to conventional tools and strategies
  • Short tools and clamping lengths for greater stability during machining
  • Reduced load due to large cutting radius and thus long service life
  • Universal material range